Thursday, November 26, 2009

You're not the only

This is everything, this is being excited after being jaded for longer than you/I/we can remember, this is seeing colour again, this is watching everything move underwater, this is driving out west till you can see the stars again, this is someone telling you to neck up and get over it after weeks of tiptoeing around you. This is getting your hands clean and your feet sandy, this is finally falling asleep at the bottom of your mum's wardrobe while she natters at you, this is fingers pushing along and away from frownlines, this is tasting of sunscreen, this is five people squeezed into the back seat, this is perfect cat's eye, this is your car breaking down outside a mechanics and reaching your absolute limit and realising you don't have a limit, there is no lid. Or maybe it's you. This is the musical manifestation of going out past the breakers and lying on your back.

Brisbane, Animal Collective are playing at the Tivoli in less than two weeks if you know what's good for you, I'll see you there.

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