Sunday, February 22, 2009

Honey, do what you want cause I won't remember

[the impossible cool]

The Love Language - Sparxxx

[The Love Language]

Heads up guys, this is very special music. Ahhh you know when something come blasting into you life and fuck me you don't know how you did without it. This, at first, may seem unremarkable but it's like I love it for all the reasons I love Spoon and my friends - cause we're the good guys, the occasionally awkward but always charming... you know? We take a big mixture of beer soaked smiles, ramshackle guitars, cursory winks, unspoken debts, heart warming familiarity, worn out jeans, same streets, late nights, linked fingers, no direction, the balm for a broken heart, ruffled hair, wide eyed earnestness, hand rolled cigarettes, heated discussion, freckled skin, occasional seriousness quickly followed with upturned lips, friendships and relationships like twelve hundred year old foundations and new ones that speak promise over sparkling eyes and hearts of gold.

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Saturday, February 14, 2009

There's no time. We have nothing but time.

[lost the source]

Lotus Plaza - Quicksand

[The Floodlight Collective]

Hopefully there is some awesome Deerhunter-related release every year for the rest of my life, for the start of 2009 we have the first non-Bradford Cox centric release I've heard: the debut album from Cox's best friend, Deerhunter guitarist, song writer and multi instrumentalist Lockett Pundt. It's everything that's awesome about Deerhunter: guitar reverb with distinct pop aesthetics, ambience, warm melodies, compelling percussion and the exploration of alienation and introversion. This is my favourite type of music: slow revealing, warm, confessional and intensely personal.

[The Floodlight Collective is set for release on Kranky March 23]

Thursday, February 5, 2009

And the shape of your knees

Vancouver - Shape Of Your Knees

It started wearing down. Avoiding the landlord, breaking the keys, her humour left, his remained, she forgot to separate the whites, he was late, they ran out of coffee, the fish died, his Grandma died, he started smoking again and the gearbox broke, had to shift straight from second to fourth. Card was declined, earring broke, peck on the cheek, milk went off, forgotten birthdays, the weeds grew higher and higher between them till they were squinting through greenery to see each other, trying to remember smiles and kisses and the way she held his hand while they slept. 

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Searching all the time

[Love. Feel. Thinking. Of., due out on 17/2]

I sit underneath my desk and inhale the dust in a deep breath and unfocus my eyes and count my toes. One toe for each of my favourite books, movies, albums, songs, years, cities, concerts, types of cheese, song lyrics, girls. The distraction doesn't work as well anymore, it seems like everything has lost its shine but you. I can see the tears clinging to your long black eye lashes as you look up through them at me and I had to run. My mind whirls; I'm completely ruined for anyone but you.

Begone dull care


[Begone Dull Care]

A friend of mine came over to sample the new Junior Boy's album Begone Dull Care the other night and told me something about this Canadian group that I didn't know before. Junior Boys were created to fill the exact music tastes of one particular friend of theirs, a band to reconcile all the influences and musical loves of just one person, their friend. This is the best idea for a band I've ever heard, to be all things to one person instead of some things to many people seems a more likely way to grow and fully master a feeling or personality in sound.
The intimacy of Junior Boys has always been what's drawn me to them. The breathy vocals and warm, spaced out electronics reflecting the space between two people more accurately than music or the same genre that I'd heard before. 'The Animator' is a warm but important conversation, the kind that can only happen between to people who know each other so well, they almost know exactly what the other is going to say, so gets caught in the sounds instead, how the sounds mean more than the words.

Begone Dull Care is due 11/5/09 in the UK on Domino.


Tuesday, February 3, 2009

What's a matter there, feeling kinda anxious?

Hello, sorry I'm getting ridiculously lazy with posting on here. I'm in a bit of backwash at the moment, waiting to start uni with no money cause I smoke too much and go and see Twilight too many times, spending most of my time in bed or on midnight funrides around Ipswich with my friends playing MGMT, Empire of the Sun, Metrostation and shit early 00s pop way past the point of being sick of them.

Laneway festival last weekend was fun, the thrill of being underage and getting away with everything was shit funny. No Age were very special as expected (met Dean, real nice, humble guy, signed my shirt), Jay Reatard's a freak, Architecture in Helsinki were fun, fun, fun, Born Ruffians were way too sweet, El Guincho had me bouncing and Girl Talk were off the hook. Have made an executive decision never to go to a festival sober again.

Franz Ferdinand - Ulysses

I'm assuming you've heard this but how awesome is it? It's fucking rad. Franz Ferdinand doing what they do best, I'm totally swept up in the la la la la and the presumption and the well guided arrogance and I believe it and I love it. Let's just forget the context and the hesitation and the self doubt and think about right now. Don't stop cause the entire room is spinning, click the heels of your shiny shoes and spin harder.

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Also loving this one over at Fluxblog.