Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Tidal wave

[from Dragging A Dead Deer Up A Hill]

The sort of etheral dream pop that seems to take up your entire world/space/consciousness for the few mintues that it's playing. Lulling, whispering, confessing and tired music, lie on you back, headphones on and listen to someone else's feelings so as not to examine your own.



Up late doing work last night and the TV was left on. SBS was playing some great 1989 anime about a 13 year old witch with a black cat (nah, not Sabrina). I've never really gotten into anime before, but this was really awesome, it was called Kiki's Delivery Service it was a dub traslation with a young Kirsten Dunst doing the voice of Kiki. It dealt with teen angst, dealing with independence and boysssssss. It was fantastic, really.

Also, I've been doing up the garden recently and have planted some roses and petunias. I hope to clear the rest of the garden in the holidays and start a herb garden, I got started with a little bit of coriander, I might put some pictures up later.

 [photosource: 1.618]

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