Thursday, December 4, 2008

I promise, I'm on it

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They raced very fast on their bikes until the road ran out and then they stopped, gasping for breath at a barbed wire fence at the foot of, what looked like a hill 10 minutes ago, but which now more resembled a mountain. Ignoring the 'Do not trespass' sign, they gingerly pulled the fence apart for each other and slipped through. The sun was so hot the backs of their necks were burning as they put one boot in front of the other pulling themselves further to the summit. She tripped over some rocks, he picked her up, tucked her hair behind her ear and they continued. They talked and listened to a bird that was singing in a tree at what seemed like the very top. About half way up they stopped under a tree to shed jumpers and catch their breath. They sat on a log very close, their legs were full flush against each other and her perfume, their mingled sweat and the dry grass were all they could smell.

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little said...

i really like. did you write this just on its own? or is it part of something?