Wednesday, December 10, 2008

We were captured by Victorian vampires

[source: Deerhunter myspace]

Deerhunter - Saved By Old Times (Platts Eyott Session)

This session was recorded by Bradford Cox [Deerhunter/Atlas Sound] in September of this year on Platts Eyott, an island reserve in the middle of the Thames river, London. It's a continuous stream on consciousness containing songs from this year's Microcastle and 'Spring Hall Convert' from Cryptograms and is supposed to be listened to all at once - a tribute to John Peel. It's fantastically melancholy and confessional, a great headphone listen that somehow feels heavy on your ears. This song in particular, from Microcastle, makes any room you listen in seem a dimly lit, smoke-filled haven.

Listen to the entirety of the session here, and my favourite song from Microcastle here.



Along with every other teenage girl in Australia, I will be going to see this today:

I'm more than a little excited.

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