Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Nowhere to go while our bodies glow

[sorry, lost the source]

[Merriweather Post Pavillion]

Fire of emotions shiver and dance at the corners of my vision like stained glass windows with a sunset behind them. This record is perfect. This song is perfect. The heat is perfect - oppressive, I can hardly breathe. We walk down a hill, feet slapping on the bitumen, skin glowing. A friend comes over, we sit on the cool tiles drinking cold beer, tapping our feet, you know, there's no where I'd rather be. The sun peeps through and I swear everything's melting. There's a storm coming and you're all sweat and smiles. Put your hand on my chest, my heart beats in time with the music.

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love animal collective and i love what you wrote! funny enough i met someone from your school last night. her name escapes me but she was very small and very blonde and nice and shes going to qut next year ahah. all of this is probably irrelevant to you but how are you?