Friday, January 2, 2009

To inspire devotion

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Beaches - Sandy

I can get really proud of my favourite bands, like in the way a parent is proud of their children, if I feel I have some common roots or they're somwhat of an underdog. Like Cut Copy, for instance, being an Australian band, I pumped my fist in the air when they made the top ten for Pitchfork's Albums of the Year for 2008, or Electrelane or Vivian Girls, being such a success and all girls bands that I actually listen to, makes me grin and want to pat them on head and send them off further into the world.

Beaches make me proud as pie, an all girls band and they're from Melbourne, and obviously, they're awesome (or I wouldn't be posting them here). Despite having the most un-Googleable name ever, these girls play with such intensity, timelessness and glee - huge, rousing guitars, 60s beach punk vibes, loud bass and drums - all driving towards some great end. While they, and their music, is beautiful and mysterious you can still tell they're having fun, they're enjoying this just as much as you are, smiling into their shouts [how much do you love "san - DY!"?!], posing all serious while playing that killer riff, pulling out that ripper beat just as you toss your head back - the way you laugh and show off when you know you're winning a race - cause, you know, you're all winning, no one else comes close.

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Brisbane, watch out, these babes are cruising through on 6th March for Summer Tones with High Places (!!!), Dan Deacon, Lawrence Arabia and the Ruby Suns.


elliotte rose said...

look, your blog is so much better than mine.
i'll put up a link just for you gurl.
lovin ya.


know how you feel. i was really proud that lindstrom (he's norwegian)made it to the top 20s and i don't even listen to his music! i really liked that girl band though. Beaches.