Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My head's just one big fuzz

egon schiele

RatTail - Go Green (demo)

Late last year, the day I finished school in fact, my grandmother died. My grandma was very important to my family, and to my dad, as his dad had died when he was 14, leaving him, his mother and younger sister. She lived in Tooting, London, where my family and I had moved from to Brisbane when I was nine. We were happy in the sun of Australia but every now and again we'd feel an aching need for grey days, cold noses, warm houses and the people we'd left behind. When Grandma got sick we'd gone straight to see her and look after her. But I had to come back early to finish my exams, this song reminds of waiting on a balcony outside Grandma's room, wondering how on earth to say goodbye, trying desperately not to cry. It reminds me of weeks of loneliness and my empty house and maths equations and ink stained fingers and wanting to reach down and telephone line and touch.


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