Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Begone dull care


[Begone Dull Care]

A friend of mine came over to sample the new Junior Boy's album Begone Dull Care the other night and told me something about this Canadian group that I didn't know before. Junior Boys were created to fill the exact music tastes of one particular friend of theirs, a band to reconcile all the influences and musical loves of just one person, their friend. This is the best idea for a band I've ever heard, to be all things to one person instead of some things to many people seems a more likely way to grow and fully master a feeling or personality in sound.
The intimacy of Junior Boys has always been what's drawn me to them. The breathy vocals and warm, spaced out electronics reflecting the space between two people more accurately than music or the same genre that I'd heard before. 'The Animator' is a warm but important conversation, the kind that can only happen between to people who know each other so well, they almost know exactly what the other is going to say, so gets caught in the sounds instead, how the sounds mean more than the words.

Begone Dull Care is due 11/5/09 in the UK on Domino.


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