Sunday, February 22, 2009

Honey, do what you want cause I won't remember

[the impossible cool]

The Love Language - Sparxxx

[The Love Language]

Heads up guys, this is very special music. Ahhh you know when something come blasting into you life and fuck me you don't know how you did without it. This, at first, may seem unremarkable but it's like I love it for all the reasons I love Spoon and my friends - cause we're the good guys, the occasionally awkward but always charming... you know? We take a big mixture of beer soaked smiles, ramshackle guitars, cursory winks, unspoken debts, heart warming familiarity, worn out jeans, same streets, late nights, linked fingers, no direction, the balm for a broken heart, ruffled hair, wide eyed earnestness, hand rolled cigarettes, heated discussion, freckled skin, occasional seriousness quickly followed with upturned lips, friendships and relationships like twelve hundred year old foundations and new ones that speak promise over sparkling eyes and hearts of gold.

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