Saturday, February 14, 2009

There's no time. We have nothing but time.

[lost the source]

Lotus Plaza - Quicksand

[The Floodlight Collective]

Hopefully there is some awesome Deerhunter-related release every year for the rest of my life, for the start of 2009 we have the first non-Bradford Cox centric release I've heard: the debut album from Cox's best friend, Deerhunter guitarist, song writer and multi instrumentalist Lockett Pundt. It's everything that's awesome about Deerhunter: guitar reverb with distinct pop aesthetics, ambience, warm melodies, compelling percussion and the exploration of alienation and introversion. This is my favourite type of music: slow revealing, warm, confessional and intensely personal.

[The Floodlight Collective is set for release on Kranky March 23]

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