Thursday, February 5, 2009

And the shape of your knees

Vancouver - Shape Of Your Knees

It started wearing down. Avoiding the landlord, breaking the keys, her humour left, his remained, she forgot to separate the whites, he was late, they ran out of coffee, the fish died, his Grandma died, he started smoking again and the gearbox broke, had to shift straight from second to fourth. Card was declined, earring broke, peck on the cheek, milk went off, forgotten birthdays, the weeds grew higher and higher between them till they were squinting through greenery to see each other, trying to remember smiles and kisses and the way she held his hand while they slept. 


max said...

whoa, beautiful post. vancouver are fantastic as well! have you heard anything else off 'even my winter are summers'?

jess said...

hey there max,
thank you!
yeah i have, i got my hands on the album actually, it's great hey, very special
penalty box is also a winner in a different kind of way