Tuesday, February 3, 2009

What's a matter there, feeling kinda anxious?

Hello, sorry I'm getting ridiculously lazy with posting on here. I'm in a bit of backwash at the moment, waiting to start uni with no money cause I smoke too much and go and see Twilight too many times, spending most of my time in bed or on midnight funrides around Ipswich with my friends playing MGMT, Empire of the Sun, Metrostation and shit early 00s pop way past the point of being sick of them.

Laneway festival last weekend was fun, the thrill of being underage and getting away with everything was shit funny. No Age were very special as expected (met Dean, real nice, humble guy, signed my shirt), Jay Reatard's a freak, Architecture in Helsinki were fun, fun, fun, Born Ruffians were way too sweet, El Guincho had me bouncing and Girl Talk were off the hook. Have made an executive decision never to go to a festival sober again.

Franz Ferdinand - Ulysses

I'm assuming you've heard this but how awesome is it? It's fucking rad. Franz Ferdinand doing what they do best, I'm totally swept up in the la la la la and the presumption and the well guided arrogance and I believe it and I love it. Let's just forget the context and the hesitation and the self doubt and think about right now. Don't stop cause the entire room is spinning, click the heels of your shiny shoes and spin harder.

[buy Tonight]

Also loving this one over at Fluxblog.

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